Open pass-protected account or formating windows XP

By loser1981
Sep 10, 2008
  1. Hi all

    I need help for my broken XP. My XP is broken and I am trying to get my documents from password protected account. I took out my hard disk, hoping that i could enter my password to get the files, but it shows only empty folder. Then I installed XP-Pro on my D disk, hoping that I can access MyDoc on C, but it was also impossible. Now I am trying to install XP on C without formating C. But the boot CD that I got from internet doesn't work. The original boot CD formats everything on C, so I am using this boot CD from internet. SO I decided to format D to have the internet boot CD work. But XP on D says I can't format D as long as I use D. I opened DOS on windows XP to format D, but this DOS is working within XP, which prevents me formating D. I also used the Computer MAnagement to format my D disk, but it shows D is Boot, and C is Sysytem disk...

    Is there any way that I can format my D?
    or is there any way that I can get my documents from password protected account? I already tried CD version of windows and password deleting program...
  2. Ididmyc600

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    You need to reset the permisssions on the drive in order to access it from another XP install,

    To do this follow this guide here.

    Any other questions let us know

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