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By gbhall
Sep 5, 2008
  1. This is Windows 98

    Having had MS office as default application for opening .doc and .xls I also installed Open office, allowing it to become the default application.

    Havinf been impressed, but not 100% impressed, I would rather that in Windows explorer, I could right-click and see 'Open with' as an option instead of just 'Open', so I could choose either MS office or Open office.

    How do I do that ?
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    Google, and ye too shall receive Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles like How to Open a File with Other Than Associated Program
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    Not what is wanted

    The link you quote gives a method (that you have to remember) which causes an extra option 'open with' to appear when you right-click a file. This is not sufficient, what I want to do is see the 'open with' option there permanently for Office documents.

    This is easy to achieve in XP. Start folder options, select .doc and .xls and there appears a button to 'change' the association. You can pick from a list of installed applications, and not check the 'always open' option. After that, 'open with' is permanently part of the right-click options.

    In Windows98, however, there is no such 'change' button for the association, and all you can do is change the default from one thing to another, without ever being able to add the 'open with' permanently to the right-click.

    I expect there is a way to hack the registry to make this happen (perhaps with one of those magic power-toy type of tools we all knew and loved so well.
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