P4 motherboard reccomendations

By dank7737
Jun 26, 2002
  1. reccomendations

    Hey everyone,
    I have a question for you all. Could you please reccomend some motherboards to me that are compatable with a 2.2ghz intel p4 and a leadtek geforce4 ti4600? Also if you could give any reasoning behind your recomendation such as good overclocking etc. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks a ton.
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    I would go wit tha Asus P4B533.
  4. ShIvAc

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    THe choose between i845g and SiS645dx

    You'll have to first make a choosement between i845g or SiS645dx chipsets. Personally, I would have chosen i845g. Tests have shown better memory bandwidth results with DDR-333 enabled on this card, rather that DDR-333 on the SiS645dx. The issue is that i845g card has intergrated VGA, but ignore that. But the price could be a "little" higher, but not much.

    One more thing, is that the i845g is specced as a PC-2100 RAM speed as max. This is only an official rate, and should be ignored. The chipset fully supports DDR-333.

    A good card with i845g, would be Abit BG7 card. The best of them all is the Epox 4g4a(+) card. Both is higly overclockable.

    If your choosing the cheaper solution (sis), go for the Asus P4S533 card. This card can be overcloked to DDR-400, in line with the better i845g cards, like the epox and ABIT card i mentioned.

    Good luck! ;)

    Check for hardware tests
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