Packard bell laptop wont switch on

By Prima
Jul 31, 2009
  1. Can anyone help, I have a packard bell laptop which is about 3 years old. Never had any trouble with it before. Recently my anti virus exspired so I downloaded the free AVG 30 day trial. Once that exspired, I downloaded the free version of AVG. Still downloading that, my laptop started to run slow and took forever to start up as the shortcuts didnt appear for a long time. Then while online, my laptop screen went white and froze. I took the battery out and then tried switching the laptop back on but now, the power button flashes, then knocks off, then flashes and keeps on doing so while the screen stays black. But I can hear the fan come on everytime the power button flashes blue. When I do manage to get it on, it works for no longer than 10 minutes before freezing and resulting in me waiting for the battery to die or remove the battery. Could this just be a virus or something major wrong? Any help appreciated :)
  2. raybay

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    Could be that your hard drive has gone bad.
    Can you boot in <SAFE MODE> which will give you a low resolution screen, but bypasses other components. You depress the <F8> key repeatedly once per second until it boots or freezes. You have to get it working in order to perform various diagnoses, and Safe Mode is a good way to do some of that, but it does disable a lot of normal features.
  3. Prima

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    atm, i cant get it to do anything as its doing the on off thing without actually coming on. Soon as I manage to get it on, Ill try the safe mode thing. :) thanks
  4. Tedster

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