By gale
Apr 7, 2006
  1. I have a DVD in PAL format. I read that using DVD Decryptor that I could change the format to NTSC. Any help. Thanks.
  2. Peddant

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    This thread discusses the subject to death and beyond -

    Choice quote -

    "With the great information I got from this forum I was able to successfully convert a PAL DVD to a NTSC DVD on my first attempt.

    I used:

    (1) DVDFab Decrypter
    (2) VobBlanker
    (3) IFOEDIT
    (4) DVD Shrink

    The quality of my final NTSC DVD is so good that I can't tell it from the PAL original.

    Thanks to all of you folks for your expert knowledge and tips on getting the job done.

    I only problem I really had was that DVD Shrink kept telling me that my empty DVD didn't have enough space to burn my end product. I do have Nero 6.xx installed. I used other burn software.

    I liked how DVD Shrink allows you to remove all the foreign languages to allow me to used a 4.7GB DVD instead of a much more expensive 8.5GB DVD."
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