PC doesn't detect audio cd

By dirk_wilson
Feb 2, 2005
  1. Windows98 SE

    A week ago, I used Audiograbber to rip an audio cd.
    I used Soundforge to edit. And then used Nero to burn an audio cd.
    Burned ok. But when I went to play, Windows CD player came on and
    says it doesn't detect any data on the cd.

    Interesting this is.
    I then used Soundforge and could play from that same audio cd, which
    is a cd-r.

    I can burn a data cd and Windows sees that, just not audio.
    I've burned audio cd's before with no problem.

    Also, btw, not sure if this matters, I did a Microsoft update, and had to do
    re-install a few drivers, etc.

    Any clues as to how I can get control back for my cd player in Windows?
    I thought it might have been a driver or something, but all my drivers are up to date, cable are plugged in, in the cd-rom.

    I must be missing something, but can't see it. :knock:

    Thanks very much.
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