PC monitor screen is black & says "Out Of Range"

By MinerGirl98
Mar 30, 2015
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  1. Hi my daughter tried to adjust the resolution and now the screen is Black and stuck on Out Of Range. I cannot even get it safe mode or anything. Just a black screen with the writting. It's a windows xp 32. My son is so sad if anyone knows what to do please help. Thank you.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Repeatedly press F8 while the system is booting.. The very first stuff you see on screen will either be your motherboard splash screen or some text. When you get to the menu where you can make a selection, choose VGA mode NOT Safe Mode. That will boot your computer at 640x480, but it will boot with full driver support, just as if things were normal. Change the resolution to what you want after that.

    Remember if you change it to something that goes 'out of range' DO NOT touch anything for 15 seconds. It will revert back to what it was after that time and you can try again.

    Unrelated.. Go to school at UMR? or different Miner?
  3. MinerGirl98

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    Thank you I will try it again. I did press Fi and it shows a bunch of letters and then boots to windows. I cannot get it to stay on the screen so I can choose a mode. It boots windows then goes to a black screen with the out of range message. I even tried a different monitor. No I didn't go to UMR. Different miner ;) Thanks for your help.

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