PC won't boot after mobo removal and re-install

By cappy205
Oct 24, 2009
  1. Hi guys..........I just finished installing a new CPU cooling fan. I had to remove the ASUS pt6 motherboard because I had to put the mounting screws through the back of the mobo. Now with all back together, she won't boot up. The power comes on, and all the fans and lights are on, but that's it. Is it a windows xp introduction to mobo ( again) that I'm dealing with or just what?.......I just finished the whole OS install two days ago, new mobo, cpu and had everthing running great. But then the colling fan came in the mail and I got OC hungry.................Appreciate your help.Kirk
  2. magaman598

    magaman598 TS Booster Posts: 188

    Sounds like a toasted Mobo, were you following Grounding Procedures? The Mobo also might be Shorting to the Case. Make sure there's no Screws and such behind the Mobo are there?
  3. cappy205

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    My mistake

    Thanx for your reply Magaman............I found out the problem........I'm running a TH2G set up (FLIGHT SIMMING) with three screens on deck and one smaller 15" down lower for GPS and what not, When I called for the first boot after I put everything back together I had the smaller screen turned off, and as I later found out there were Windows selections such as "boot default as normal" or something like that to I guess 1st time boot again since the mobo disconnect from the hard drive. With that screen off, which runs as a primary screen off the vga out on the vid card, I could'nt see the move ahead instructions, whereby making me think I had a serious problem. But all is good as of now , looking to OC my i7, pt6, 6g's and 8800gtx, so a smooth flight is possible.........Thank you again for taking the time this time, until time........Cappy.
  4. magaman598

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    Yep, and Cappy, Welcome to Techspot. =)
  5. cappy205

    cappy205 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Introduce mobo to hard drive

    Hi guys...just switched everything into a new case........having trouble getting windows xp to operate..................the hard drive and mobo have never been introduced before......I have a win xp disk......can someone go over the steps into getting it all to work........I did it once before, but don't remember how i did it!.....Thanks for all replies..........."K"........( I don't want to re-format!)
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