PCI.sys error on Dual Bootable Win XP PC

By richke
Feb 19, 2007
  1. Hello, im new and I'd like to challege the wiz kids here. Alright at work I have a work order to make a dual bootable setup windows XP. These partitions need to go on 8 other PCs so I used Altiris to create an image and also used it to push it out. I created both partitions fine and verifed after I pushed the image(non-sysprepped because sysprepping didnt play well at all) to the Altiris server that the orginal still worked. I than ran sidgen on the original PC and everything seemed to work ok. So I pushed the image to the other 7 HDDs. To my surprise when i start them they get to the boot screen mno matter which partition i choose the Pc reboots 2 seconds after i make my choice. On all 7 and even the original one now acts up. So I was thinking i was screwed with that approach and I was wiping the slate clean and I was going to recreate my artitions and begin the journey once more...but to my surprise when I go in to install WinXP Pro i get the following error on the HDD in different PCs

    The file pci.sys is corrupted - press any key...

    and then it restarts.

    Now I browsed the site and i saw there is a disc I can use to get past this to reinstall. But is there a way to fix the issue so the current partitions work again or am I screwed.

    Also we have another Lab that has Dual boot that we imaged the same way and had no troubles...That was IDE and the ones that aren't working are SATA. Also we have Single Partition Sata drives that image fine. Also the PC is a Dell GX280.

    Thank you for any info.
  2. richke

    richke TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well the PCI error seemed to be coming from the XP CD. I used another one and it seems OKAY...but does anyone have any ideas on the dual bootable topic...or some ideas of what ro run in Repair?
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