By LinkedKube
May 17, 2007
  1. my board has a pci ex1 slot, well it has two, one for the hd card that came with my board, and an addition one. I use ventrilo for gaming, I use to use the hd card that came with my board, now I'm not able to because my cpu cooler covers that slot, I also have sound blaster audigy 2 card that I'm using as well. I want to use my SB card to play music and use another sound card for mic and headphone input. Problem is... I need to find a soundcard, doesnt matter if its a cheap one, but I need one for my 2nd pci ex1 slot, does anyone know of any that I could get. I cant find one :(
  2. CMH

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    Hmm... Whats wrong with the SB Audigy2 mic input? A dedicated soundcard like the Audigy2 should be able to handle mic input without compromising your output....

    Also, I'm not entirely sure what would happen if you've got 2 soundcards on.... It should work I suppose.
  3. LinkedKube

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    well i use to have 2 sound cards, the first was hooked up to pcix1 slot #1 which was closest to my cpu, when I had the zalmans I could use it(note: the cpu didnt get in the way of the pci slot) Now that I have the freezone the first pcix1 slot is covered, in turn the first pci slot was make specifically for the hd card that came with the board, so its offset from all the other pci slots. I'm using 5.1 surround sound in my room, so I cant use the mic port and have a place for the headset to hook into to. I tried putting the headset into all of the speaker inputs, but its just annoying now. I want to play my music on the 5.1 while i run vent and use my mic without them interupting each other.
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