Pioneer DVR-111D won't write

Jul 3, 2008
  1. Fresh install of Windows XP Home, and my drive READS CDs fine, but when I try to burn, no such luck, everything says it is burning correctly, then, when the burn is finished, it comes up as nothing being on the CD at all.

    When idle, Windows recognizes it as a DVD R/W drive, but when any media is inserted in it (CDs, DVDs) it recognizes it changes and says it is a CD drive!

    Any idea? Thanks!
  2. Tmagic650

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    Replace the drive...
  3. HISRADEON9550

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    Alright, I took an LG Super Multi drive out of an external DVD Drive case, and swapped them.

    The Pioneer drive, now in the IDE to USB external case, works as an external USB device for burning, but not connected to the case via IDE; it works, but only as a USB device.

    Any ideas, this seems to be a very odd problem :s
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