Please take a look at my hijack log

By Martyn
Sep 27, 2008
  1. I had a rogue viruses last night and get rid of it thanks to malwarebytes antivirus.

    However I am advised to post my hijack log just in case the rogue virus is hiding somewhere undetected.

    I have included it on a Notepad attachment. I used Winpatrol to create the log.

    Just take a look. Thanks.


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  2. SpiritWind

    SpiritWind TS Rookie Posts: 164

    Hi :

    One of the causes of all that malware that was detected is that you have 2 or more
    versions of Sun's Java, ALL out-of-date and a serious security risk . Should
    uninstall everything you have of Sun's Java, then go to for the
    latest ; should ONLY have the latest "Version/Update" of this program on your
    computer .

    Why are you using the outdated AVG 7 !? Even though Version 8 causes
    problems for some Users, at a minimum you should "upgrade" to version 7.5 .
    Even better, uninstall AVG and use the better FREE Avast Antivirus Home Edition,
    with Info available at .

    When someone "reports" backdoor trojans, should seriously read the
    Link I posted in your other Thread ; very important Info from very knowledgeable
    people .
  3. momok

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