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By Pazuzu
Oct 31, 2011
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  1. I am trying to save a podcast of the most recent BBC Radio 4 "Desert Island Discs". I have Windows 7.
    Although I use iTunes it only seems to offer a limited selection from the archived podcasts.
    Tried Juice but it did not install sucessfully - error message requesting that a target folder should be created. I took that as a bad start so now I am looking for other ways. I do have an iPod Nano 3rd generation and I would also like to be able to burn CDs.
  2. mike1959

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    Podcasts download from the BBC as an ordinary .mp3 files. The long series of numbers in the filename is actually the date, in the form yyyymmdd- series nbr.
    So you can save it anywhere on your pc, but it does make sense to create a folder first, could be in your 'music' section on C drive.
    I get mine from the BBC site, and the method to download is;
    Right-click on the file name, ( on the website) then from the menu choose "save target as", then navigate to your folder you created earlier. It will save there.

    With itunes, it's really setup for ipods, and you can download your podcasts into itunes library. I believe the choice there is more limited than the BBC's site.

    You might find itunes may not be the best option. Some like it, some don't.
    You might have a look at;

    * If you want to burn CD's for a car cd player, itunes will do that directly. Have a look in the HELP section in itunes.
    **I use a Sony Walkman mp3, and I just download from BBC to a folder called "podcasts" on my PC, then open 2 'explorer' windows, 1 for the PC and 1 for the Sony, and drag & drop the podcasts into the Sony's folders.
    Hope this makes sense, it's easier to do these things than to explain them !

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