Possible conflict between iPod and Roxio EMC7

By jellyhead
Mar 5, 2005
  1. Every time, after I've updated my iPod, my DVD-RW drives are not recognised as DVD-RW. In My Computer, it comes up as a CD-R drive and in my Roxio software (Easy Media Creator 7), there are NO DVD/DVD-RW drives detected at all. Device Manager still recognises the DVD-RW as a Pioneer 106D. Can someone shed some light on this? I've posted in both the Roxio forums and Apple forums for help, and am awaiting a reply. Thought I'd try here just in case someone else has had this problem.

    To get my drives back to normal, I have to either do a System Restore or use a totally different program than Roxio.

    Using Win XP Pro.
  2. John Staerck

    John Staerck TS Rookie

    I have just discovered a very similar problem using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 under Windows 2000. After my son installed iTunes the Roxio software would not recognize the CD-RW although the Device Manager reported everything in working order. I managed to get the Roxio back working by de-installing & re-installing it (no need to restore the system) but iTunes cannot co-exist. I have no solution yet, but thanks for helping me avoid an expensive and futile upgrade to the Roxio software. I too have visited the Roxio support forum without much luck so far.
  3. alanw2009

    alanw2009 TS Rookie

    Roxio and itunes conflict

    I too have the same problem. The original itunes software could exist with Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6.0. Itunes updated to the latest version and after that, my drives became unusable. I did a restore and my CD/DVD drives reappeared. I uninstalled itunes and tried to install the original itunes that came with the ipod, but the original itunes detected the remnants of a later version of itunes and would not install. I guess this is a MAC vs. PC conflict. Frustrating.
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