Possible CPU fan problem

By dicey
Mar 27, 2012
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  1. Hello everybody I suspect my PC may be on its last legs but i thought I'd post my situation before anything else so here goes
    The PC is quite old now, maybe 2005 or so, im not sure exactly as i bought it from a friend about 3 years ago, anyway a couple of years ago i got a message on startup saying CPU fan was not working (press F11 to continue) after a little while i got tired of this error message and turned it off in BIOS (i think?) It ran fine for a long time but now the computer doesnt always boot and i have to turn it on then off then on again sometimes for a long time before it finally springs to life, I dd some research on why this might be happening when i realised that ages ago i had disabled the error message on startup and this was probably the issue - basically the CPU fan hasnt been running for a long time. I suspect there must be permanent damage to something what with it being broken for such a long time but if anyone knows what would be the result of this neglect and what my possible solutions are that would be great, thanks
  2. Cinders

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    Open up the box and take a look at the fan. Can it be replaced by itself? If it can then replace the fan. If it can't then replace the heat sink and fan.
  3. dicey

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    Oh god sorry im an ***** its not the CPU fan its the Chip Fan :eek:

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