Problem with Belkin F5D7000 wireless card

By smabrito
Jul 28, 2005
  1. We have 4 notebook computers and 1 desktop. All were on a wireless network which functioned great until I decided to reformat the Desktop's HD.The 4 notebooks use a variety of wireless cards and our wireless router is a Netgear.
    The computer with the problem is a pentium 2 on Windows 98. I reformatted it, Reinstalled the Belkin software and restarted the computer..then received this error message:
    Error Starting program
    The BCMWLTRY.EXE file
    is linked to missing export
    Cannot connect on this computer now (others still work fine)-All functioned well before on same PC with the same operating system.

    I tried various solutions-updated windows, updated windows libraries (contains MFC42.DLL), uninstalled & reinstalled Belkin software several times, removed card before installation, installed the drivers from the Belkin website for this card..all to no avail. Still get the error message...still can't connect on the network.
    Any suggestions appreciated
  2. vbprog40

    vbprog40 TS Rookie

    Yes your problem is that wireless card will not work with Windows 98 Version 1. You will need to upgrade to Windows 98 Second Edition. This will fix your problem.
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