Problem with IBM 600X ThinkPad

By laryjacq
Mar 19, 2008
  1. Hello all, I'm a newbie and look forward to a great learning experience from this site. I have an IBM 600X thinkPad that is giving me a problem that i have not experienced before. Upon boot i receive a screen that has a circle then the word off followed by the greater than sign (>) followed by a verticle line the a smaller verticle line and then the word on. Looks very much like this O off > I on Anyone have an explanation for what this is, what it means and how can i deal with it? Thanks, laryjacq.
  2. Matthew

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    Copied/Pasted from here:

  3. lamo

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    laryjacq, try to clear CMOS memory. to do this, disconnect the CMOS battery(it's located near memory slots and it has yellow color).
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