Problems booting, fixed disk 0

By Zelath
Sep 10, 2005
  1. Yesterday, my computer was running fine. I was tired so I layed down for a while, and when I returned everything was giving me an application error. Hoping that would fix my problem, I restarted my computer. When I restarted, before anything would boot up, it gave me an error. I checked on Google to see if anyone has had this problem. It linked me to this site, which I read to contact manufactuer for replacement. I checked on Western Digital's home page, and typed in my model number to see if my warrenty was still in effect, and it said that it expired 3/12/05. But, on the model page for my hard drive (WD800) it said that it had a three year warrenty, but I have had it only two years max. I have my specs of what I was able to find out online, but I can not get into the computer and run any applications.

    I am somewhat able to get into Windows, but nothing more, it will boot up, but my desktop will not show, I get application errors for the things that are set to start up. I can not get into My Computer or do anything but just look at it. A few minutes before I started to type this post, I wrote down the error, and here is what it says:

    I asked a friend who is good with hardware and computer related things, and he said he recomends reformatting. The thing is, due to it not working good, I have had to reformat my hard drive almost four times within the past month, and I do not want to lose all I have on it. If anyone knows what will help, please help. (I am on another computer right now (my moms))
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