Problems signing into my Yahoo email account on one particular laptop.

By tanuja_iv
Jan 29, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I bought a new laptop IBM ThinkPad R51 a few backs back and was able to access internet pretty well through it. However, over the past few day (4-5), I am facing a strange problem of not being able to access my Yahoo email account. I am able to log into Yahoo Messenger but NOT, Yahoo email. I get an error saying "Requested Page cannot be displayed". Surprisingly, one of my friends was able to log into her Yahoo email account on MY laptop without any problems. Also, it is only my laptop which is giving me problems in signing into my Yahoo email account, because Im able to access my Y! email account from other machines/laptops without any problem whatsover
    ! Also, whenever I try to access my email acct after logging into Ymessenger, it redirects to '"

    Is it a problem with my browser setting and that too pertaining to my Yahoo account only? Is it related to cookies in my browser stored for my account id?

    Any help/info on this will be highly appreciated.

  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    most likely due to a cookie problem.. did you set it to remember you next time you signed in?..
    Anyways.. just go Tools>internet options>delete cookies.. should be fixed
  3. tanuja_iv

    tanuja_iv TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Re: Problems signing into my Yahoo email account on one particular laptop

    Thanks for replying! I tried deleting cookies. But that did not seem to solve the problem. It still does not let me log into my Yahoo email account.

    Is there anything more that should be done?

    Thanks in advance...

  4. tanuja_iv

    tanuja_iv TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Re: Problems signing into my Yahoo email account on one particular laptop

    Will it be safe to delete all Temporary Internet Files? .

    Internet Options -> Delete Files... ?
  5. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    yes it is quite safe..

    i was about to suggest to you that next.. along with redoing the delete cookies and history (optional not realy needed tho).. also check some of your other internet settings eg: security tab or advance or cookies settings.. see if they look alright.. if you dont know what some objects in them mean just give us a shout.. we love to talk :wave:

    by the way.. do you have any firewalls active? or had an ad/spy/malware/av scan recently.. in case you havent just download a few programs eg. adaware, spybot S&D, AVG antivirus.. that combo usualy does the trick for most net users (plus its free) and it keeps you running nice and clean :) and see if your login works with the firefox browser (warning.. you might get addicted to FF..;) )
    hope that helps you out
  6. tanuja_iv

    tanuja_iv TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks! Deleting all temporary files and cookies helped.

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