Problems With Dell Latitude D510

By bmyzer101
Aug 7, 2010
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  1. Anyone have problems with Dell Latitude D510s not charging? I haven't ran into a Dell with this problem. I have ran into AC adaptor recepticals going bad on the motherboards of HPs and Compaqs but never Dells. any information would be appreciated.
  2. LookinAround

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    I've also seen that problem with DC power jack ports breaking from the m/b on a couple different Inspirons. Lattitudes are more reliable but can still certianly happen (and a quick Google reveals the same :( )
  3. raybay

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    For those who know how to repace the jack, it is an easy 20 minute job. For those who do not, it can be expensive, and you can actually make it very expensive process.

    If you have quality experience in high temp flash soldering techniques that create hot heat fast, get the solder to flow, then as quickly shut down the heat, you can do it yourself

    If you don;t know soldering, or don't know if you have the correct solder, or don't have the correct soldering device, it is best to find somebody who is very good to repair it...

    Unfortunately, with the time that it takes to partially disassemble the case to access the motherboard, get out the soldering equipment, and affirm you have the correct jack, it can take an hour and cost you anywhere from $75 to $125... so ask around until you find somebody who is skilled enough to do it right and do it 10 or 15 minutes without making your financial life miserable.

    The replacement jack is usually only about $6.00 or less (US)... but paying for the skill of a technician can be expensive. It is stressful work sometimes, and nobody I know likes to do it, even when they are good at it.

    Alternative is to send it back to a Dell authorized repair shop...

    And it can be another problem, as I am only guessing based on what you have told us...

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