Problems with M7NCD Ultra Motherboard

By VoodooHellfire
Mar 1, 2006
  1. Alright, I'm back with another issue. I decided I wanted to upgrade my kids' computer, but on a budget. I already had an extra Athlon XP 2200+ from a previous upgrade on my system and 512 MB of 333Mhz ram also from a previous upgrade. I decided to purchase a M7NCD Ultra motherboard since it was based on the Nforce 2 chipset that I was already familiar with and I purchased a BFG 5200 FX. I know it's not a screamer, but it plays what they are playing and is good for homework also.

    The problem I am having is actually twofold and may or may not be related. First off, whenever I start the computer from a cold boot, I get a system disc error. If I just ctrl-alt-del at that point, the system boots right up. Also reboots just fine in Windows. No issue at all. Second issue is that when I try to use the DVD drive in the PC, the disc spins up and a somewhat loud click can be heard and the pc will either reboot, or just freeze up completely. The DVD and the hard drive are both fine since both were used right up until the new mobo was put into the system, and were running fine with no issues. I'm thinking the new components (mobo, higher clock processor and higher clock ram) may be showing a weakness in the power supply, but I can't quite figure it out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, I can always count on the Techspot Forums!
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    Just to let whoever searches for this or just comes across it, I fixed it myself. It was the power supply with both issues. No more problems with the system disk and the dvd drive works just fine.
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