Problems with my CD-ROM and DVD/CD+RW drives

By deathwing61
Jun 17, 2008
  1. Ok so once a time there existed this computer with a CD drive and a DVD/CD+r drive. this computer caught a nasty cold and had to be reformatted or partitioned (i was clueless at the time so my cousin fixed the comp). in an effort to back up files a young and inexperienced boy (thats me) used a HDD from an old computer in the process he bend the little metal prongs on the back of his CD drive (1 & 2 to be exact) rendering it unusable requiring him to make due with his other drive only.

    this all worked out great until this now learned young man decided to bend back those prongs. as a result the CD and the DVD drives worked just fine...when only one was plugged in at a time. but when both were plugged in only the DVD would show up but wouldn't recognize any disks.

    end of story

    so i uninstalled both drives from my device manager and can't reinstall either. its a dell and i've gone to the site and downloaded the things for the drives' model but i run it and it can't find them.

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    Set the jumper on both drives to cable select. Dell usually uses that configuration. If that doesn't work for some reason, try master/slave.
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    They were both on CSEL to begin with so after looking into it i figured that when i was swapping things out i put it back together with a cable that was not CSEL compatible so i changed it to master/slave with no improvement.
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    well. this has been a load of help...
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