Problems with Vista and "old" games

By joseprpr
Jun 7, 2007
  1. Hi i am a call of duty aholic and for some time i have been trying and trying to play Call of duty UO 2003-2004 i think. the COD2 works fine but im addicted to the UO. Well my problem is simple and strange, instalation goes well, the patches instal well also, but when i open the multiplayer gamiing the main page of COD shows up but my cursor is nowhere to be found, therefore i cant choose anything and i have to annoyingly ALT+Ctrl+Del the game. It has only worked once but the game would not give me more than 4 servers.

    I truly want to fix this and start playing on my new laptop and gamecard, i might even paypal any kind member $5 for the fixing of this vista problem. IM me if you can help me

  2. jujainlapet

    jujainlapet TS Rookie Posts: 20

    uhh i really dont no how to fix this but have u tried putting it in compatibility mode? right click the shortcut and go to properties then go to compatibility tag then click run this program in compatibility mode for windows XP (Service Pack 2) this usaully work for games thats not for vista sometimes it doesnt u also have to run the program as an administrator when the program ask u to allow and cancel i dont no if it will work but it might who noes.
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