Problems with Windows Explorer

By Aquaman
Sep 13, 2003
  1. Im using windows xp home edition by the way.
    Every time I go to install a new program that has any size to it I get the message Windows Explorer Has encountered a problem and my task bar freezes up and I have to revert back to early settings to get out of this mess. I tried to download the service pack from microsoft but when I downloaded it It went into the same problem while downloading it. WINDOWS EXPLORER HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM.
    This is becomming a pain in the @@#%!!.
    I appericate any help you all can give.

  2. Technozoic

    Technozoic TS Rookie

    You may have any number of problems. How much RAM does your system have? How many programs are you running at any given time? What is the pagefile setting? Has it ever worked correctly? When did it change? Does your system ever freeze up at any other time? etc. etc. As Johnny 5 said, "Need input, more input."
    :)Give us more information if you would like some help.
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