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By andygibbs
Feb 20, 2005
  1. Hi, i'm about to upgrade my PSU and had a quick query. I'm probably going to go for a 450W PSU at the local computer shop. It is rated super quiet (apparently 35% less noise) and it only has the one fan - a 12cm, low RPM fan, that will face downwards into the case. Would this mean that all hot air from the PSU will be blown straight out over my motherboard and CPU and would this lead to overheating issues?

    Also, once i've changed PSU is there any reason why i wouldn't be able to take the 8cm rear fan out of the old PSU and install it as a case fan?

    Thanks in advance for your replies

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    I dont know how much it will affect cooling having the hot air coming from the PS go into the case, I would want that though.

    I, just three days ago, took a fan out of an old PS and installed some connectors on it and put it in the case, in the back drawing air out.
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