Q6600 and HD7870? I did it

By chrissof
May 20, 2013
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  1. ...after searching forums like crazy and not finding sufficient information,I just stuffed that HD7870 into my rig to find out.
    And it works(well,for me it does!)
    I did not run any serious benchmarks.I just installed all the games I like(or liked) and gave it a try running Afterburner to see the fps.
    The result : All the games return an average of above 30 fps on highest possible settings.
    I played :
    Crysis,Crysis 2(+HihgRes and DX11 packs),F.E.A.R.2,Battlefield 3,Stalker Call of Pripyat,Wolfenstein,Tomb RaiderSkyrim(+High Res patch),Batman Arkham City,Bioshock Infinite,Anno 1404,FarCry 2,FarCry Blood Dragon,Modern Warfare 3.

    All results achieved with Q6600 @3,00,Asus P5Q,4Gig DDR2@885,XFX 7870 oc black,
    Powered by a BeQuiet Stright Power 550 PSU,Games installed on Samsung 830 SSD

    I will not upgrade untill early 2014,I think.
    That Q6600 was the best piece of hardware I ever bought in terms of longlifety

    maybe this can be helpful to others wanting to upgrade.
  2. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar TS Evangelist Posts: 6,477   +965

    Wow, the Q6600 is pretty outdated. Also, I am very surprised you were able to run the games at the highest settings possible with a 7870. I am even more suprised that the Q6600 kept up with the large processing demands of the more modern games. Finally, I am very very suprised the 4GB of RAM allowed you to reach max settings. I think adding 4 more gigs of RAM will allow you to gain a few more frames.
  3. chrissof

    chrissof TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 59

    oh,I sure would love to pop in another 4 gig of RAM,but DDR2 just is too expensive,so I guess I will leave as it is right now and get DDR 3 and a more modern cpu once my hardware is so outdated that I can´t run games any more.I hope that that will not happen until early 2014,so I can put some money aside.I am afraid of GTA5 though,as I want to play it.badly.prolly won´t run on my machine...on the other hand:it´s a console port,so maybe...
  4. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar TS Evangelist Posts: 6,477   +965

    Yeah DDR2 is kind of a rip off.

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