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By Dantrag
Jul 26, 2003
  1. i'm getting a athlon 3000+ at christmas(and an extra 512 pc2700) ( currently have a xp 2100+) would i be able to get it up an running without formatting? i'm alsow getting a 9800 non pro and 512 pc2700 in august.
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    there are two versions of the 3000+...some would argue the conversion to the 400 fsb model, but why spend the cash (and, maybe why not, the processor price is the same, if you go with the 3200 ram, and want a dual channel nf2 board)........the 9800 non-pro?....c'mon, don't screw yourself there......get the pro......2700 memory if you don't plan to overclock/3200 memory if you do........and, split your ram desire to two identical 256 modules if you have dual channel capabilities
  3. Dantrag

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    i've got a kt4-ultra and i can only have 512 mb of pc3200 i want more, so for now a single 512 module (pc2700) and at christmas a 3000+ 333fsb no nforce2 :D and an ohter 512 and i'm going for the non pro due to the cost i'm already over my limit but i pushed my dad a bit :D its the best i can get for 210 pounds cheaper than most 9700pro's

    by the way it has the same clock speeds as a 9700pro but the features of a 9800pro witch is allot better than a 9500pro that i was going to get :D
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