radeon 9250 AGP

By imbadnews
Mar 6, 2006
  1. MOBO: asrock p4i45gV 5.0
    2.4ghz intel celeron
    sapphire radeon 9250 128mb AGP

    OK, i cant get my AGP settings to turn on, it detects it as "0x" i've done a load of stuff to try and fix it. i updated my mobo BIOS, I uninstalled the drivers for the video card then had window update the drivers its self. I've downloaded countless things such as the newest catayst, chipset and nothing will work. i've enterd my BIOS and changed it from PCI to AGP, i've set it to a 128mb.

    I.m out of ideas on what to do.

    please help.

    also, sadly im not sure where the cd is that came with my video card is. i may have it around, i do though have the cd to my mobo if that helps.
  2. imbadnews

    imbadnews TS Rookie Topic Starter

    got i checked my BIOS

    i have 3.30

    I CANT turn AGP on to primary graphics adapter like i'd said. i have 3 options. PCI, AGI and internal VGA

    also in terms of options for onboard things i can turn on and off. the list is

    onboard FDC -(set to) auto
    onboard Serial port - auto
    onboard infrared port - disabled
    onboard parallel port - auto
    onboard midi - disabled
    onboard Game port - 200H
    onboard IDE - both
  3. imbadnews

    imbadnews TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no one has an answer
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