Ram + mobo slots?

By shocking
Nov 27, 2007
  1. So currently I have a motherboard with 4 slots for ram, I believe this is referred to as "dual-channel"? 2 of the slots that are side by side are colored yellow and the other 2 are colored orange. I know that I have to put one piece of ram in the same slot of each color.

    I'm fairly certain one or both pieces of my OCZ (2gb total) ram are bad... but im not sure if theres a specific kind of ram I need? I've seen many different types of ram on newegg.

    Also, I plan on building a new computer soon, what if I get a motherboard that only has 2 slots instead of 4 slots... do i have to just get one stick of 2gb ram instead of 2x1gb?

    Do I need the little metal casing around the stick as well? I mean, should I look for ram that have it on it already? How important is it?

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    'Slots' are called DIMM's. (Dual inline memory module). Some of these four slot boards do support dual channel, some do not. Send the exact make and model# of your board. You first must decide whether you are going to buy a new board or keep this one. I advise that you get a motherboard that uses the newest Nvidia or Intel chipsets.A good board will be about $125-150. Bells and whistles will be about $200 or up.
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