Random Shutdown/Freezes and Boot Problems

By Hypochondriac
Jul 30, 2007
  1. The computer will randomly shutdown or freeze. Either that happens or it will fail to boot. The fans turn on the hard drive status lights turn on, but the normal boot beep doesn't sound an the monitor will say no signal.

    The problem is totally random last week it only happened twice after which I reinstalled windows, which worked for a while but then yesterday and today it happened 7-8 times mostly the failure to boot and freezes.

    I pretty sure it's not overheating, any idea what it could be? I worried it might be the mobo but the capacitors look normal to me. I also tried one stick of ram at a time still had the problem

    Could it be the PSU? The intel report looks normal to me

    I attached a minidump. Hope I did everything correctly

    Motherboard: Intel 865 GBF
    Ram: 512mb
    OS: XP SP2
    Graphics: Gforce fx 5200
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