Realtek HD audio manager - hearing through speakers

By ashikimaru
Mar 19, 2009
  1. I had my computer for a few months now, and not long ago, i recently found out people can hear through my speakers, it is at random also,i can be using the mic, and all of a sudden people would hear what i'm hearing, as in if i was listening to music, people would hear the music and not my mic, i play steam games alot, and sometimes when i test my mic, my mic would be muted, but it would echo the last sound that my speakers heard, its hard to explain, but its just that people can hear what i can at random, and its starting to bug me, i know i'm not in detail, because its hard to explain this, but if anyone has a vague idea of what i'm saying, please help
  2. hplp20

    hplp20 TS Rookie

    Yes, if you mean if what you're hearing through the headphone is transmitted via the mic.

    In Vista, go to control panel > sounds > recording tab. right click > show disabled devices. Now, right click on mic and enable. Then, right click on Stereo mix and disable. That should do it.
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