Recommendation for a good heatsink?

  1. Hey guys my new computer with I7-960 3.2ghz keeps running pass 90C and the computer auto turns off. I've been using the stock heatsink because the weather was cool. Now that its getting warm I need to get an after market heatsink. Any recommendations for a good heatsink? I dont need anything too fancy n pretty. I just want something cheap but effective. Something around 20-50$.
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    I have a i7-860 (no OC) and I'm using the Hyper 212 Plus, one of red1776's suggestions. Works very well. Idle temp w/ the stock fan was in the low 30's, high 70's to low 80's @ 100% CPU usage. Now, temp is almost 10 deg C lower. Ambient temp 22-24 C.
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    I bought a Noctua NH-U9B-SE2, which was the smallest, cheapest Noctua heatsink I could find at my IT shop and it was still good for a ~20 C difference when compared to my stock Intel heatsink. Just sayin', Noctua heatsinks work well, albeit at a slightly higher price.
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