Rome Total War on a laptop

By rtwrules
Aug 15, 2010
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  1. hi oive played rome total war for a long time and im new on a labtop so i need help figureing out how to pull up the cheat menu because i cant get it to pop u with the button ` thats what i use on a pc but apperently not on a labtop help please ive already beat the game
  2. Relic

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    Great game, love RTW. And ya its pretty universal amongst games to use the tilde (~) key to pull up the console which is usually paired with (`). I'm assuming your having difficulty on your laptop because it's not next to the 1 (maybe next to the Z)? Smaller laptops and notebooks that don't have a full sized keyboard make use of a function key usually Fn. This allows for a more compact layout without the loss of functionality. Your laptop likely has one just look closely and press Fn + ~ if it's not just relocated.

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