Sam4s er-5200m cash register programming issues

By cameronex
Aug 10, 2014
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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a sam4s er-5200m register I am trying to configure a plu to be a cash out button for when people take cash out using eftpos I have made the button and configured the price to be of a negative value and the description. the trouble I'm having is that the button will only work if the key is set to the X (which is the manager setting) I have gone through the manual (u can find a copy here and its page 107 I'm looking at User Manual.pdf) but can not find a way to change it

    The second issue is that when I program a plu price I can only do it if I do more then one eg: p-mode, 200, select plu17, enter price, x/time, select plu20, enter price, x/time and then cash to finish, but this will change the plu values for all plu's from 17 to 20 to the same price as 17 even if I input different prices (the prices show as been changed to the correct price when the receipt is printed out to confirm that that price has changed)
    if I try to do just one nothing happens.
    any help will be greatly appreciated
    thanks, cameronex

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