Sandisk cruzer micro 4gb

By paul lewis
Feb 25, 2009
  1. My two sandisk cruzer micro 4gb used to work in my computer but ever since getting my desk top back from the computer store they don't. They both work in all other computers and other sandisks work in my desk top just not these ones ever since getting it back from the store. the tech at the store isn't there anymore and besides it's been months and I'd like to fix it myself if possible. I have Windows XP if that helps. A little window appears when I plug in my sandisk which gives me choices to view, play ect but no longer do I see the sandisk logo in the bottom right corner. Which I used to click on to open the files within. Plus it doesn't take long for the whole computer to freeze. The only way to unfreeze it is to just pull out (I know, bad) but nothing else works.

  2. raybay

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    Right click on it, once it has been inserted and settled down. Then reformat it using the FAT32 format, not NTFS
  3. LookinAround

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    Your symptoms sound like it's most likely a simple Windows drive letter conflict. See this Guide Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive and refer to Part 2 before any reformat as reformatting will erase any data current on the sandisk.

    Give a shout back to let us know if that solves your problem (yes or no)
  4. paul lewis

    paul lewis TS Rookie Topic Starter


    OK i'm this far but now I'm stuck;

    Within TweakUI click My Computer->Drives. For each drive letter
    => Check/uncheck a drive letter to display or hide the drive letter
    => Click OK after you make any changes

    I found out my computer is a 32 bit version of XP. I clicked on that line and then it down loaded (I think) TweakUi. Now as per instructions above I need to get 'within' tweakUI. How do I do that? And I don't know what a drive letter is much less anything else.

  5. raybay

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    Leave your USB jump drive in a USB port.
    Next, go to Start->(or perhaps Settings, first)Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Storage->Disk Management
    Then right click on the drives (both hard drives and USB drives), and look for the selection, "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." to discover what you fcan see, and what you can change.
    Then change, if you can, and report back here.

    Good luck.
  6. LookinAround

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    No problem! In fact, i appreciate the feedback so i can update the language in the guide to be clearer....

    First, to explain a bit about "drive letters": When you look in Explorer or My Computer you see will a "drive letter" letter listed for a disk to the left of the disk name (for example, your main hard drive always has the "drive letter" C assigned to it). You use the drive letter to indicate a specific disk.

    For example, to find the tweakui executable you will look on your "C" drive
    => You should be able to find the file: C:\Windows\system32\tweakui.exe
    => Double click the file to run Tweakui. When it opens, you'll see a "tree" of choices. Navigate to My Computer->Drives
    => Make sure every drive letter is checked (If a drive letter is unchecked, Windows will hide that drive letter such that you won't see it appear when you open a new window for My Computer or Explorer!)
  7. paul lewis

    paul lewis TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Now we're getting some where. when I put a new sandisk or equivalent into the usb drives and do as you asked- start-control panel- admin tools blah blah, it shows the drives to have a letter assigned. C Drive E,F ect with G & H to the usb ports in front. But as soon as I try the other sandisks the computer freezes. May I remind you these are the same ones that used to work in this same computer and still work in all other computers.

  8. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

    Freezes?! My apologies to all. I missed that detail when I skimmed your original post. I'll have to look into that further but for now... if you look back in Part 2 of the guide, you'll find it talk about and provide a download link for a drivecleanup tool.

    download the tool, unplug all your removable drives, then run the tool. Reboot. Try reinserting the Sandisk.
  9. paul lewis

    paul lewis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It worked for a bit

    it started to work but not now. I'll try again tomorrow.

  10. LookinAround

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    OK. Did things seem to start "working for a bit" after running the drivecleanup tool? Please describe.... We may still need to
    1. Run additional cleanup tools we need run to furhter clean stale data on your computer
    2. Run some flash drive partition management tools to try and fix possible data corruption (but not yet a reformat. Will explore the options before deciding if that's required or not)
  11. paul lewis

    paul lewis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Try try again

    I was in disk Management and I inserted the bad sandisks and they worked. But after I restated the computer they didn't any more. I downloaded the tool in part 2 like you recommended but it doesn't seem to do anything when I click run.

  12. raybay

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    You have given it your best effort.
    Isn't now better to replace the Sandisk cruzer micro 4gb with OCZ, Corsair, or other reliable drives. The Cruzer's are dead last in the reliability ratings. Your data is likely too value to risk on a drives that fail at horrendous rates. Even WalMart and BestBuy are going to stop handling them.
    There comes a time in all computer repair when you just have to move on... when time becomes more valuable than data.
  13. paul lewis

    paul lewis TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I think I might move on to other issues I have with my computer, and these two devices work fine in all other computers

  14. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

    Just to clarify (should you choose to use the tool now or any future time)
    1. Click to download
    2. Unzip the file (double click the .zip file if you need to unzip manually). When prompted, indicate to unzip into folder C:\Windows\System32
    3. Click Start->Run, enter cmd (You must run the command within a command prompt window)
    4. At the prompt, enter: drivecleanup
    5. Your command prompt window should look like my example below. If, instead, you get an error message like Command not recognized it means you didn't store the unzipped file drivecleanup.exe in the directory i indicated above
    C:\>[B] drivecleanup[/B]
    DriveCleanup V0.0.0
    Uninstalls non present storage volumes, USB disk and USB CDROM devices
    Freeware by Uwe Sieber -
    removing volume 'STORAGE\REMOVABLEMEDIA\8&1B918853&0&RM'
    removing volume 'STORAGE\REMOVABLEMEDIA\8&47A1F17&1&RM'
    removing volume 'STORAGE\VOLUME\1&30A96598&0&SIGNATUREC12C6F64OFFSET7E00LENGTH3A388A8400'
    Removed 3 storage volumes
    removing Disk 'USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_SANDISK&PROD_CRUZER&REV_8.01\07750011434277C2&0'
    removing Disk 'USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_SANDISK&PROD_CRUZER&REV_8.01\50018011434277D2&0'
    removing Disk 'USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD25&PROD_00JS-00NCB1&REV_\WDC_WD2500_____WD-WCANKE590248&0'
    Removed 3 Disk devices
    removing CDROM 'USBSTOR\CDROM&VEN_ATAPI&PROD_DVD_DD_2X16X4X16&REV_G7Z9\00042222200000174215&0'
    removing CDROM 'USBSTOR\CDROM&VEN_SANDISK&PROD_CRUZER&REV_8.01\07750011434277C2&1'
    removing CDROM 'USBSTOR\CDROM&VEN_SANDISK&PROD_CRUZER&REV_8.01\50018011434277D2&1'
    Removed 3 CDROM devices
    removing USB device 'USB\VID_0402&PID_5621\00042222200000174215'
    removing USB device 'USB\VID_0411&PID_00A2\WDC_WD2500_____WD-WCANKE590248'
    removing USB device 'USB\VID_0781&PID_5406\07750011434277C2'
    removing USB device 'USB\VID_0781&PID_5406\50018011434277D2'
    Removed 4 USB storage devices
  15. paul lewis

    paul lewis TS Rookie Topic Starter


    We've come this far might as well go for it. I ran the tool I down loaded. I'm really way over my head not knowing the simplest things or where or how to find them or what to do, click on it, type and then press enter or what. But I'm having fun and learning as I go. I even downloaded a spell check program ( cause I'm not good at that either)
    So I did as you asked and my screen looked similar to your example. Lucky I have a Laptop to compare. Now what?

  16. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Therefore after running DriveCleanup on the command line (as posted by member LookinAround)
    Also run this: DriveCleanup -h

    Then all the missing USB drives will be removed

    Then restart

    Then plug the drive back in to test again

    By the way, I had 32 old USB Drives removed Thanks LookinAround, for another excellent find :grinthumb
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