sata problem on installing xp

By wallraff
Oct 16, 2005
  1. Hi. Starting to say, Ive searched this forum for help on this but didnt find any.

    My problem is:
    I installed new HD SATA seagate 200gb I am trying to make a fresh install of xp.

    Disabling Hyperthreading on my mobo (ABIT VT7), installing newest drivers. I have downloaded latest sata drivers disk from ABIT homepage.

    When booting the xp cd I press F6 and there I have tried both installing xp sata drivers and from my floppy. What happens is if I choose my drivers on the floppy ,when formatting the partition it still says that it uses "viasraid" even if i know that it should use the viamraid driver.

    If i go on installing it continues until it reboots and after a second showing the xp splash screen it gives me the nasty bluescreen with errorcode 0x0000007b

    It appears it will not use the drivers on the floppy.
    Is there a way to edit the mbr record or any other suggestions?

  2. griton187

    griton187 TS Rookie

    I'm having the same issues, I have a ABIT VT7, and a new WD 250gb SATA II drive... I had to use a jumper to disable transfer rate checking on the drive just to get it to detect in the first place... However, XP setup of course doesn't have the drivers and my disk that came with the board is bad... I've just downloaded the drivers from the company site and was (up until reading your post) looking forward to going home and trying them out...

    Did you figure out a work around?

    Does someone know of a way to remedy this?

    I cringe at the thought of getting a SATA controller card, I realize if I want to take full advantage of my SATA II HD it's a purchase I need to eventually make, but I'd just like to get the box up and running 'now'...

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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