Screen freezes, Beeping

By daaniel
Dec 29, 2009
  1. ok hey guys first of all my english sucks a bit and I have no idea where to post this thread, so i hope i got the right place here.
    would be great if you could answer as simple as possible
    because not only that im a hardwarenoob but i have no idea of
    the english terms for my equipment..

    ok ive got:
    intel core2duo (2x 2.13)
    2gig ddr2
    and some kind of mainboard Oo
    basically Dell Dimension E520

    this system ran great for now about 3-4 years but then:

    i watched some utube clips on firefox, my screen froze and the pc began to beep. was one long beep untill i shutted down.

    after rebooting i got a bluescreen, telling me that the system would shut down again, in order not to damage my computer. I restarted it then @~ last working configuration(something like this)~ and it worked, but reeally slow. all my data was available

    though the cpu rate@ taskmanager was between 0-10% the system seemed to work hardly, what i could simply hear. no task was performed but though it was very noisy. 2mins later the screen froze again, the beeping began, but this time repeating short beeps, i shutted it down.

    i opened the casing, cleaned it, booted the system and it occured again.

    some guy said my RAM could be damaged, so i tried to run all my 4 modules single. but its not working well with any of them. BUT its not freezing / beeping any more, simply not working or better reaaally slowly. runs no applications any more aand every task would soon "not respond"

    i dont know what to do, need my data soon, im close to some veery important exams.. hope you can help me out, and you understand what im saying

    attached minidump file
  2. Tedster

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    consult my bios beep guide in the mobo FAQs forum
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