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By ssjpigmonkey
Oct 19, 2003
  1. is it possible to share an entire computer over a network? i am using XP on both computers. what i did was shared my c: but it still does not let my other computer gain access to the folders in c:/documents and settings, /program files, or /WINDOWS. Is there a way to share an entire computer (especially these folders) over a network and if so how? Thanks in advance.
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    will access the hidden, admin shares.

    all drives are shared by default with these hidden shares, accessible only to admin accounts.

    you need admin rights on the target machine, or be using an account with admin rights (like administrator) which exists on both machines and has the same password on both machines.

    Basically, if you synchronised the administrator passwords, and logged into the machine you were sitting at as administrator, you should be able to do everything more or less.
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