Sidewinder Precision 2 drivers would love some help

By seekdastorm
Jan 25, 2011
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  1. Hey guys/gals first time posting for something like this. Long story short my main gaming machine burnt out. Currently using my old game machine that has windows xp. I had the urge to reinstall all my MecWarrior4 title I had. Got the sideWinder precision 2 out of the closet after about a decade of retirement. Every thing was going smooth until the drivers for the sidewinder precision 2. I would have to say I have spent better part of 5 hours over last two days searching for this driver. The windows DL was not the right one that I needed.

    Almost all my search results 50% send me to Microsoft for there drivers but the drivers they supply are not the ones i need. 25% of the other results sent me to or something like that. The other 25% had me trying to buy programs to get this driver.
    (i even tried some bit torrent sites no luck at all)
    (it finds the side winder with auto detect but it refuses to add it when i push the add button nothing happens)
    I REALLY NEED SOME HELP. Just want to play some mech4 with the joystick. Please if you can email the drivers or anything would be great.
    (windows xp machine with all of its updates.)
    Not trying to be cheap but this is just temp machine until I get new game machine in 2 weeks. So rather not spend any money on it. That and I do not have credit card and or pay pall so.

    One annoyed person right now.

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