Sims 2 Question

By Neji49
Aug 10, 2008
  1. I recently got Sims 2 and learned that there was a bunch of additional content you can add to it. Obviously, I wanted it. However When I download it, it doesn't show up. I've enabled custom content. I don't know how to install meshes manually but I've used the sims 2 package for some of the meshes and even those files don't show up. Neither do the non-meshes or anything else for that matter. The only file that works is something I downloaded directly from EA's site(but that doesn't show up in the catalog). All of my other downloads from The Sims Resource don't work(even though I used the automatic installer). I looked around and somebody said that if you have Vista, things are different because of different file directories. If this is true can somebody clarify how to solve it?
  2. avrygirl

    avrygirl TS Rookie

    you have to go to he folder where the custom content is being downloaded to and click on the files you want on the sims. it will pop up with a blue box explaining what you're downloading and just click ok or install or whatever it says. good luck
  3. kaellin

    kaellin TS Rookie

    Are you running a firewall? Sometimes firewalls will automatically block them or send you warning messages of a program being downloaded. Disable the firewall and reDL the content
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