Slow Broadband Speed Via Laptop

By zeichen
Mar 12, 2007
  1. Hi, Hello, just joined & not very proficient, but hope I can understand most!
    Can anyone help please. I have Pipex Broadband with good speeds running on the desktop pc - via Linkseys Wireless Router. Have bought new Advent 7098Laptop which received the Wireless Router connection but the speed seems to be half that of the desktop, even when the Desktop isnt doing anything to reduce the speed (is only switched on). They are sitting side by side & the signal is excellent. Emails, browsing all Ok, but downloading anything is soooo slowwww. OK the laptop doesnt have the spec of the desktop but still has an Intel Pentium Centrino1.7 (3.4GHZ) processor & 1G Ram.It seems that the desktop is twice as fast as the Laptop - used BT speedtest which came out at 531kbps. The same test on the pc was 942kbps !Anything I can do either with the Router or Laptop to speed things up please or it because I have the desktop switched on? Have configured a permanent IP address on the router and laptop - all running Windows XP SP2. Thanks

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    so if i am not wrong you have Intel Pro 2200BG wireless LAN, and its should be enough. maybe its your firewall? try to disable , and chek test it again
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    Get TCP Optimizer from you can adjust the laptop to the speed connection that's rated from your ISP. Btw the program is for free.
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    Slow Broadband connection to Laptop via Wireless Router

    Hi, Thanks for your replies. Tried turning off Zone Alarm and Windows Defender and it made no difference. I am running those two plus antivirus software, which obviously Ican't turn off.
    Will try the prog you suggested and see what happens. Thanks again.

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    otherwise connect laptop with NIC (RJ45) and look wat happen. And don't use more than 1 antivirus software.
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    I have Cable Broadband and this is how my TCP Optimzer is setup:

    Page 1


    Doing the above I get these speeds:



    So speed varies for downloading which is the first one and uploading which is the second one.
  7. zeichen

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    Slow Broadband connection to Laptop via Wireless Router

    Hi, Thanks everyone and your help seems to have done the trick!! First of all I put the patch on to help with the networking and internet and then tried the optimizer software - all of a sudden I am getting similar speeds to the desktop, first time ever. So thanks, it seems to have worked.
    All I have to do now is try and find out why between 6-10 weekdays and Sunday afternoons my internet connection comes to a near halt. (very similar speeds to the old 56k dial up connection!) I know its the busiest times, but I live in the wilds of Devon not the middle of a city, so would have thought it shouldn't have slowed it down too much. I tried downloading something last night which reached a fast 12 kbph and then timed out, I tried this morning at 9am and 115kbph - a slight difference! Some evenings I cant even brose as the websites wont come up and I certainly can't download anything above a snail's pace. I thinks this subject belongs on a different forum so I had better stop! Thanks again everyone.
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