Smartphone screens with built-in solar cells

By Archean
Jan 19, 2012
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    An ingenious researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology has managed to squeeze a bunch of photovoltaic (solar power) cells into a very interesting location: Behind your smartphone’s display. According to Arman Ahnood, who unveiled his findings at the Materials Research Society late last year, only 36% of the light produced by an OLED display is projected straight out; the rest is wasted, either as scattered light or bleeding from the edge of the display.
  2. ReMiXeDg

    ReMiXeDg Banned

    This is a very smart invention being able to charge your phone when it's not plugged in and to collect energy for your phone from sunlight.

    I got a question about this one, isn't the sun not good for the screen or any screen?
  3. Ranger12

    Ranger12 TS Guru Posts: 620   +118

    I think the point might be to collect the 64 percent of light that's not be projected at the user.

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