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By mephisto_007
Aug 1, 2005
  1. I am using WinXP 500Mhz 128 Ram... After 15 minutes of use it will freeze (I meant stuck there, can't click anything do any thing press or type anything...)

    What is the most likely problem I am facing... Any idea would be appreciated...
  2. A_DOG73

    A_DOG73 TS Rookie Posts: 170

    There are many things to check

    How old is your power supply? That could be dying. Maybe your Cmos battery is dying. Or it could be something more simple. Try doing a virus check, defrag, and disk cleanup. Does the lockup happen when you are surfing the net? Do you have an adware/spyware detection program? Run that. If after you have done all the necessary maintenance I would suspect hardware like the power supply. Hope that helps.
  3. mephisto_007

    mephisto_007 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 224

    Thank buddy, I am appreciated the input...

    This computer is about 5 years old from what I expect it could not be the Power Supply nor the Mobo, virus or adware would definetly out of this case because I only use this computer for Office used only. (I do connect it to net only for updated window or antivirus etc, then disconnect it)

    From what you said I think it could be the CMOS battery? do all CMOS battery has varies size? what the cautious side I should take for consideration in replacing the battery? How do we suspect when CMOS battery need replacement? I thought there would be a warning either message up on window or a peepz?

    Thank once again, I really appreciated the help...
  4. Liquidlen

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    Check your Event log
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