SoundMAX Superbeam Microphone trouble

By -=Magishun=-
Jul 30, 2008
  1. So I recently built my new computer and have been playing games on it ever since... but my dilema is that when i plug in the superbeam microphone to play an online game or use skype, the microphone instantly starts to pick up this crescendoing reverb almost like feedback but it just gets louder and louder until the point where if i press and hold a key to talk its just computer garbage sound.

    I did notice that the microphone has this self balancer driver... its very strange when you talk into the microphone it levels out the receiving volume itself... which tends to get VERY annoying

    I have tried many different things... I'm pretty sure the problem is that it is picking up other electronic devices but i dont know if i can fix it. Under its commands of the SoundMAX Audio driver i have "No Filtering, voice Recording, directional Array, and Speaker phone"... I have unplugged my speakers and tried using headphones. It works for a little while then the oscilating/crescendo noise comes back and gets louder and louder...

    i would appreciate any insight if youve had this problem before...

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