Static IP problems with my Xbox 360

Apr 22, 2009
  1. So, recently I had a problem connecting to one of my friends on xbox live. We both have open NATs but we just couldn't connect. So I read that I needed to forward a port for my XBOX. I believe(but im not sure) that you have to have a static ip address to forward a port. However, when I set up a static ip on my XBOX the NAT type is Strict.

    So then I looked at my UPnP settings and my XBOX wasn't showing up on the table that shows all connected devices. I then raised the Hops up because i read that would help. At this point im clueless, and I can't find a guide anywhere on the internet for it. So, It would be AWESOME if someone could help me.
  2. o4u2sweat

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    Are you using a router. If so by default some routers have those settings disabled. Some routers don't work with Xbox well at all. Check the router compat. table for Xbox and just leave you Xbox settings the way they are and set everything from the router..

    OldGREGORY TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    yes, to the router, but what settings are you talking about?
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