Steam and XFire won't connect

By SongLive
Aug 25, 2008
  1. I just completed a reinstall of my gaming desktop PC, downgrading from Vista to XP (or should I say upgrading ;) ?).
    Anyway, I first installed Comodo Firewall but Steam and Xfire had problems connection.
    I uninstalled Comodo and installed Zonealarm.
    Still the same thing.
    I uninstalled Zonealarm and am now using the default Windows firewall.
    I already ran WinsockXPFix, flushed DNS, using OpenDNS Dns server instead of my provider ones but still no luck..

    Steam and Xfire won't connect, I get a connection error.

    Please tell me what this could cause since I can't play games right now ;)

  2. SongLive

    SongLive TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SOLVED !: Peerguardian 2 was blocking all traffic to Steam and Xfire networks.
    Solution: Turning off Peerguardian and adding steam and xfire's ip's to the allowed list.
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