Strange problem, slow loads on all browsers, temporarily fixed after clearing cookies

  1. This is a strange problem that I'm not sure how to approach. All the browsers on this Windows 7 Pro system, since its install, loads certain websites and videos painfully slow. The problem is resolved, temporarily, if I clear cookies on the browser.

    At first I assumed the slow websites were misusing cookies in some way, but my laptop, which is running Win 7 Home, doesn't have this problem on the same websites.

    Any idea what this might be?
  2. learninmypc

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  3. horseatingweeds

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    It's not network speed or resources. Firefox might load only a certain website slowly while Opera loads the same site quickly, both consistently. If I clear cookies from Firefox, the offending site/video loads quickly again, for a while.
  4. learninmypc

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    Got a link to the website(s)?

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