suooprt/thesims2_unist.exe 1% win32 application not valid

By cassieannwilson
Sep 3, 2006
  1. error messages for sims 2 installation

    suooprt/thesims2_unist.exe 1% win32 application not valid
    suooprt/thesims2_code.exe 1% win32 application not valid

    ok, i have had sims 2 on this same pc before...i have done everything i can find on the web to do about this error log..i have no idea what or where win32 application is or does.....i have updated directx 9, i also have uninstalled sp2 for xp and reinstalled it, i have made sure i dont have duplicate drives installed, i have completey whiped sims 2 off hard drive, i have opened run and put in regedit and checked for ad and spy ware......i am at a loss...i am having sims i am open for any suggestions anyone may have.
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