System Mechanic 6 changed Network settings - can't access PC

By Doctoxic
Nov 18, 2005
  1. stephend

    stephend TS Rookie

    System Mechanic 6/7 problems

    (Win.XP Pro fully updated) I have used both version 6 and 7. While Sys.Mech. can speed up your system if used carefully. Important, in my experience, NEVER use Total Care and be careful with cleanup.
    Any time I used it in version 6 and 7, all sort of problems showed up. The most annoying one was that it de-activated any software needing activation I had installed - Photoshop CS2, Norton I.S. and MicrosoftOffice etc. Passwords were cleaned out. Luckily I had kept a list!
  2. Tom Wuorio

    Tom Wuorio TS Rookie

    System Mechanic 6 blocking Explorer

    Thanks to reading all of your stuff, I was inspired not to give-up. My System Mechanic 6 30-day demo installed Kasperskey Anti Virus Personal, and Anti Hacker, (discovered in the program menu). Just click on Kaspersky Anti Hacker, go to the upper-left, click on Service, and finally....APPLICATION RULES. Simply uncheck the box for Explorer to enable it again and anything else you accidentally blocked due to confusion. System Mechanic is the best. I'm actually going to pay for it!!!! Just be carefull when it asks us how to deal with a new instruction,but it doesn't matter anymore because you guys are the BEST! Thank-you , Tom
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