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By vomacka
Aug 6, 2012
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  1. I have been noticing a strange problem with my Win 7 64bit. It does not happen every day, maybe once a week or so.

    When I boot up the system and the desktop loads, I noticed that all (6 ) of my program icons in the system tray (next to the clock) don't load. I get the network, power,volume icons but nothing else. I should see 6 icons for my security and other start up programs I have loaded, but they don't show. I have to go and click on the program icons on the start menu to get the icons to show. Or I have to reboot the system three or four times before the program icons will show. The system works fine otherwise. The security programs run fine when they are loaded, so they are not the problem.

    I tried a Google search for this problem and came up with this possible solution:
    However, this seems to only apply to the volume, power, network icons and not my program icons.

    I also found this, but it is for Win xp:
    I don't really know if any of those "fixes" can apply to Win 7.

    Like I said, the problem of "missing system tray icons" only happens once a week or so. YES I DO have notification set to ON. (That is the first place I looked) So that is not the problem.

    Has anyone else seen this happen in Win 7? If it is a program fault by Microsoft, is there a solution?

    Thanks for your help.
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    TOTALY different threads. They do not cover the same topic.

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